Koji Kabuto and Duke Fleed

兜甲児とデュークフリード (Kabuto Kouji to Dyuuku Furido)

Kabutp Kouji to Dyuuku Furido
Season unknown, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date October 5th, 1975
Written by Unknown
Directed by Tomoharu Katsumata
Episode guide
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N/A Oh! How green was my land

Koji Kabuto and Duke Fleed is the first episode of the Grendizer anime.


Koji tries to make contact with UFO's but they start to attack him and Duke saves him with the super robot Grendizer thus starting the series. 


After landing at the Makiba Ranch, Koji presents himself to the Makiba family and spends the rest of the day with them. But Daisuke Umon doesn't say anything to Koji in spite of being the Space Science Laboratory director's son. The next day, a swarm of UFOs is detected and Koji hurries to communicate with them, without knowing the Vegan attack on Earth just started. Once among the UFO's, they attack Koji in his TFO and is rescued by Duke Fleed in the Grendizer. After destroying the Saucer Beast Girugiru and the withdraw of the Vegan forces, Koji tells Daisuke that he saw someone saving him in a new Mazinger that looked like him, Daisuke laughs at this and drives away. Koji realizes maybe Daisuke saved him. 

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