This page describes Koji Magami, an alternate version of Koji Kabuto seen in Mazinger Otome. For other versions of the character, see Koji Kabuto (Disambiguation).

Koji Magami
Kanji 魔神鋼児
Kana まかみ こうじ
Gender Male
Age (Adolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Magami Family
Family and Relations Juzo Magami (Grandfather),

Kenzo Magami (Relative), Seto Magami ('Cousin')

First Appearance Mazinger Otome chapter 1

Koji Magami (魔神 鋼児 Magami Kōji) is a supporting character in Mazinger Otome. He is the biological grandson of Juzo Magami and the 'cousin' of the protagonist Seto Magami. Unlike other versions of Koji Kabuto, Magami does not play the role of a protagonist and instead plays a role slightly more similar to Boss in comic relief. He acts as Seto's guide to school life.


Visually, Koji Magami resembles his original counterpart from head to toe. He is always seen in a standard Japanese boys high school uniform.


Koji is portrayed as being more focused about his social life and reputation than the usual hot-blooded attitude, something he feels is threatened by Seto. However, after seeing Seto in action he begins to warm up to her like family (mostly for his perverse tendencies).


While Koji does not show any skills in fighting, he is a decent motorcyclist; usually riding a bike to school.


Koji's grandfather has Koji look out for Seto at school to be more like a normal schoolgirl, something Koji is not thrilled about given her clumsiness and hyperactive attitude. However, seeing her fight against the Mechanical Beast Army gave Koji something to look forward to after her top was burned off. Afterwards Koji would appear on the sidelines as support for Seto and her friends.


  • In Seto's mental image, Koji was represented as Boss Borot.

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