Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Robot Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Mazinger (USA)
Krishna is the princess and current ruler of Lithgor after the death of the other officials. She acts as the motivator for Mazinger pilot Koji Kabuto.


The High King of Krishna attempted to establish a treaty between his kingdom and the Zard Empire, but the reptilian humanoids used this opportunity to kill him and the royal family of Lithgor with Krishna being the only survivor.


Krishna, like many of the inhabitants, is gigantic due to the large amount of oxygen present. She is a beautiful woman with long glossy brown hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. Her clothing is rather unusual, beneath a long red cape is small armor that only partially covers her abdomen with her breasts being revealed. The cover artwork and near the end however puts Krishna in full bodied plate armor.

Overall her design can be seen as a combination between Sayaka Yumi and Aila Mu.


As ruler of Lithgor, Krishna does everything she can for her people even giving up her happiness and personal life. Even then, she still dreams of being in love with a man she can depend on. She finds that man in Mazinger (quite literally even). Krishna does not seem to mind that Koji is only a tiny fraction her size, finding him cute and interested in people from another world. Krishna has put all of her faith into Koji and the Mazinger, believing them to be the turning point in the Zard Empire.


Krishna is Hindu for one who attracts all, this refers to Krishna being targeted by the Zard Empire and Koji falling in love with her. It is also the name of the eighth avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism, this refers to Krishna's position in the Lithgor royal family.

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