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The Kurogane 5 are the main enforcers of the Kurogane House, personally handpicked by Tsubasa Nishikiori. Each had a different violent and radical backgrounds (gangsters, assassins, etc.). They were either near-death or dead in Yasu's case in each of their situations until they were helped by Tsubasa. Owing their lives to her, they swore an undying loyalty to Tsubasa and vow to protect her and her family with their lives. Tsubasa in turn has their lives in their hands and can bring them back from the dead if needed. Each of them holds a weapon made of Super Alloy Z supplied to them by both Tsubasa and Juzo Kabuto.


  • Cross: Tsubasa's right hand and head clerk of the Kurogane House, he is a cyborg made of Super Alloy Z.
  • Django: A sharpshooter who is in charge of bringing tourists and hiring new staff, he uses a large assortment of guns with bullets made of Super Alloy Z.
  • Sensei: The head chef of the Kurogane House who is a master swordsman, his weapon is a katana made of Super Alloy Z.
  • Yasu the Weasel: The Kurogane House's bathroom attendent, a bomb expert his own body contains a Super Alloy Z chamber with a Photonic Energy bomb that can blow himself up.
  • Kikunosuke: The head waitress who despite her small and old stature is the most fearsome of the Kurogane 5 with her superhuman speed and threads made of Super Alloy Z that can bind and cut apart enemies.


  • The members of the Kurogane 5 are mainly based on a combination of characters by Go Nagai; all of them having appeared in either Guerilla High, Violence Jack, or the original Devilman TV series.
  • At times they are called the Kurogane 4 as Kikunosuke does not participate in as much activity as her coworkers do.

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