Kurora DL-7
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Unknown
Kurora DL-7 is a mecha piloted by a henchwoman of Faust who was paired with Gigantes D-10 to fight the Mazinkaiser SKL.


Kurora design is based on Noir the Devilman form of Devilman Lady character Aoi Kurosaki (specifically when Sirene took over her body), resembling a harpy with a feminine body, wings extending from the shoulder area, clawed hands, and talons for feet. It is able to transform into a mode similar to a bird.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Kurora DL-7 is able to fly at high speeds with nimble movement. At times it can change into a bird-like form for faster flight. When coming into contact with an opponent it sends an electric charge through its talons, electrocuting the pilots. The head of the robot can be deployed for quick escapes.


Kurora DL-7 was used by one of Faust's henchwomen to attack WSO with Gigantes D-10 providing backup from a distance. The Mazinkaiser SKL fought the robot but combined with its speed and an onslaught of missiles from the Gigantes made it difficult. Ryo Magami then took the controls and used the Breast Triggers to take out some of the missiles. Ken Kaido took control again and had the Kaiser use the missiles as pathways to attack Kurora, knocking it around. Kaido then had the Kaiser unleash the Tornado Crusher Punch, destroying Kurora's body while the head detached and the Gigantes was also destroyed. The Kurora's pilot survived and exclaimed she would return.

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