Kanji 恵留
Kana エル
Gender Female
Age designed to be Adolescent
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Army
Family and Relations K (Older Sister),

M (Older Sister)

First Appearance Unknown

L is the youngest sister of the Mechanical Beast Army. She is based on the DamDam L2.


Compared to her tall and lean older sisters, L is much shorter and pudgy. She has short light hair and has a rather unusual style of dress, wearing a corset, elbow-length gloves, stockings, and shoes.


L is glutton who prefers to eat whenever she can, rather than fight or abuse others. She speaks in the first person "-boku" rather than the boastful "ore" like her sisters. L usually says "I'm hungry" even during fights, much to K's irritation.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

L does not fight as much as her sisters but when she does, she combines with a giant roller to assume act like her namesake. The roller offers great defense from attacks, but L is left open for an attack when she comes out.


L was with her sisters as they challenged Seto Magami to a fight and the Mazinger Army. L did not like the fact they had to fight since she didn't have time to eat. After they kept losing fights and ambushes, the sisters disguised themselves as the Nise Z to put the Mazinger Army into a corner. Things seemed to go well for them until the real Seto easily defeated them as they went after Reito. L had a lower amount of screen time and even fewer lines in Mazinger Otome Taisen where the villainous roles were taken by the New Mazinger Army.


L's name comes from the Latin letter in DamDamL2. The kanji in her name literally means 'Favor Halt'.

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