Lady Shaman
009 (2)
Kanji N/A
Kana レディ・シャーマン
Gender Female
Age (Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Lady Shaman is a villain in Mazinger Angels Z acting as a tracker for the Vegan Empire in search of the princess of Planet Fleed and the hidden weapon. She is based on Lady Gandal, but is a separate entity from the Angels reality Gandal.


Shaman resembles her original counterpart from when she appears splitting from Gandal's face with long hair and a scepter in hand.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Shaman possesses mysterious magic powers that allow her to track down the location of the Planet Fleed princess. However, the dowsing ability is not perfect and only shows one entire area instead of somewhere more specific in that area.


Lady Shaman spent her time within Gandal's ship, never leaving even with the discovery of the princess. She never had much speaking roles either, and her final appearance was being consumed in the explosion along with Gandal when their base was destroyed.

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