Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Eldo
Liger is a Megalo Legion robot personally made for Eldo to battle the God Mazinger.


The Liger has a much more humanoid appearance compared to the beast-like mechas of the Megalon Legion. It stands on hind legs while bearing a resemblence to its namesake with a mane and stripes.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Liger is an agile machine able to move at fast speeds and pull off manuevers. It is armed with a sword that combined with Eldo's already impressive swordsmanship, makes it a deadly foe.


After threatening Yoname to build the most powerful robot to defeat the God Mazinger, Eldo rode his new mech into battle. The Liger's raw power and speed managed to put the Mazinger and Yamato Hino in a pinch. Even with their best effort, the core of the Mazinger is damaged and Yamato fatally wounded. Believing to have won, Eldo has the Liger lead an army of the Megalon Legion to conquer Mu and take Aila. However, Yamato and the Mazinger return having reached a higher synch rate thanks to the Koshurishimono. The Liger was no match for the Mazinger's newfound power and was destroyed along with Eldo.


  • The Liger's design was used for the creation of Jushin Liger, a giant battle armor used by the protagonist of the manga and anime of the same name by Go Nagai.

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