Kanji ライガ様
Kana ライガさま
Gender Female
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Herself
Affiliation New Robot Girls Team G
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Sayuri Yahagi
First Appearance Robot Girls Z ONLINE

Liger-sama is a member of New Robot Girls Team G, representing the Getter Robo G's Liger formation.

Appearance Edit

Liger-sama is a young girl about the same age as Get-chan, having light blue hair tied in a pair of long pigtails with light blue eyes. She wears an outfit based on her namesake featuring a blue headdress with yellow eyes shaped similar to the Getter Liger's head, blue chest armor, a black plate on the chest plate, a pair of boosters on the shoulder area, a skirt colored the same as the Liger's middle body, and red boots based on the Liger's lower portion.

Personality Edit

Liger-sama behaves like dignified princess, never showing any anger or distress unless it involves something she prefers to keep secret like her trouble with kanji.

Abilities Edit

Liger-sama possesses the same weaponry as her namesake but uses her drill as a spear called the Nayari Komatsugen. However in Robot Girls Z ONLINE, she also uses a drill arm.

History Edit

Liger-sama being a daughter of an important figure traveled a lot as a child, but because of that she has trouble reading kanji. She first appeared in the series along with her teammates first appeared in the battle with Bongko. Subsequent appearances had Liger-sama face off against the mysterious robot monster girls while dealing with other robot girl teams.

Trivia Edit

  • Liger-sama's weapon is named after Kazuo Komatsubara, an animator well known for his contributions to Toei Animation, notably in the works of Go Nagai and Dynamic Productions such as Devilman and Grendizer and even succeeding Nagai in character design for the shows.
  • In the Robot Girls general poll, Liger-sama ranked 1st.

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