Below is the listing for the episodes in the Mazinger Z anime.

  1. The Birth of a Miraculous Robot
  2. Stop the Ashura Corps
  3. Mazinger Z Annihilation Operation
  4. Mazinger Z Desperate Situation!
  5. Ghost Mazinger Appearance
  6. Dr. Hell's Two Giant Mechanical Beasts
  7. Baron Ashura's Great Strategy
  8. Great Demon Abora's True Form
  9. Deimos F3, the Devil's Spawn
  10. Flying Iron Arm Dayan
  11. Blast Phantom Gun Garen
  12. Traitor! Giant Transformed Robot Bicong
  13. Devil's Giant Slalom Attack!
  14. Enrage! Sleeping Giant Spartan
  15. Mechanical Beast Tsunami Strategy
  16. Koji Kabuto's Assassination Order!
  17. Underground Mechanical Beast Holzon V3
  18. Glossam Pirate Gang of the Sea!
  19. Flying Demon Beast Devila X1
  20. Calling Out the Storm, Mechanical Beast Stronger
  21. Duel at Ghost Town
  22. Pursuit! Underwater Fortress Saluud
  23. Mechanical Beast DamDam Giant Wheel Plan
  24. Mach Mechanical Beast Jinrai
  25. Three Aeros Brothers Air Eruption Operation
  26. Duel! Samurai Koji vs Ashura's Mechanical Beasts
  27. Aphrodite A Taken Alive Plan
  28. Dark Command, Steal Super Alloy Plan
  29. Trading Places, Mazin Power!
  30. Watch out Shiro, Launch Mazinger Z!
  31. Hostage Mechanical Beast, Electromagnetic Wave Strategy
  32. Three Headed Mechanical Beast of Terror
  33. Air Raid! Sky Outlaw Baras K9
  34. Scarlet Lightning, Sky Flying Mazinger
  35. Shinigami Mechanical Beast, Deathma's Fierce Attack
  36. Metamorphosis Mechanical Beast Living in the Great Lakes
  37. Messenger from the Darkness, Scrander Kill Blow
  38. Mysterious Robot Minerva X
  39. Challenge with Life Risk! Saluud's Crimson Sea
  40. Ruler of the Devil, Count Brocken
  41. Broken Wings Death Struggle
  42. Devil's Order!! Land and Air Concentration
  43. Assault! Parachute Surpise Commandos
  44. Big Charge! New Undersea Fortress Bood
  45. Photon Power Laboratory, Target of the Devil
  46. Ninja Twin Mechanical Beasts Appear
  47. Fierce! Operation W of Hell
  48. Boss Borot's First Battle!!
  49. Mad Robot Great Battle
  50. Shot Down!! Jet Scrander
  51. Assassin's from Hell, Skull Gang
  52. Koji's Pinch! Sayaka Mobilizes Mazinger!
  53. Two-Stage Transformation!! Blinding Eye Mechanical Beast
  54. Explosion!! Powerful Rocket Punch!!
  55. Mt. Fuji Great Straight Descent Strategy
  56. Stolen Super Alloy Z!
  57. Dr. Hell's Japanese Occupation!!
  58. Front-line Base Hell Castle!
  59. Hell Castle Combat Declaration of the Devil
  60. Mazinger Z's Secret Weapon, Fire!
  61. Song of the Robot of Fate Rhine X1
  62. Unexpected?! Boss Borot Mid-air Flight
  63. The Pretty Girl Carrying a Bomb
  64. Woman 007 vs Brocken's Killer Demon
  65. The Balloon Bomb Carried by the Wind
  66. Shapeless Hitman Jenoba M9
  67. Don't Cry Koji! The Life placed in the Cross
  68. The Bodyguard from Hell, Archduke Gorgon
  69. Air Dissolution! Hover Pilder
  70. Immortal Commander Koji Kabuto!!
  71. Crisis Relief!! New Pilder GO!!
  72. Hissatsu! Daisharin Rocket Punch
  73. Kidnapped Mazinger Z
  74. Heroic!! End of Aphrodite!!
  75. Suicidal Attack! Gorgon's Mechanical Beast
  76. Lover of the Century, Diana A
  77. Dying Officer, Count Brocken
  78. Baron Ashura's Fall in the Pacific Ocean!!
  79. One Second Before Mazinger's Explosion!!
  80. Fall into Bardos Island's Trap!!
  81. Sleep in Hell! Koji Kabuto!
  82. The one who Crossed the Devil's Hand, Mazinger Z
  83. First Meeting! Phantom Officer Viscount Pygman!
  84. The Deep Sea Graveyard of Mazinger Z!!
  85. Bizarre! The Black Shadow's Raid!
  86. Collective Attack! Triple Great Operation of Death
  87. Bomb Victim! Viscount Pygman of Fear!
  88. Life or Death?! Desperate Battle on Hell's Island
  89. Now or Never! The Earth's Wonder 4000M Underground!
  90. Enraged Shiro! Attack your Mother's Vestige!
  91. Last Chance! Dr. Hell's Final Battle of Death!
  92. Death Match! Revive our Mazinger Z!

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