Lorelai Heinrich
Kanji N/A
Kana ローレライ・ハインリッヒ
Gender Female
Age Ageless (appears Preadolescent)
Robot Herself; Danube α1
Affiliation Schtroheim Heinrich (Shin)
Family and Relations Schtroheim Heinrich (Creator/Father)
Voice Actor Saki Fujita
First Appearance First Love? Beautiful Girl Lorelai
Lorelai Heinrich is a character from Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen. Much like her counterpart from the original Mazinger Z manga, she was thought to be the human daughter of Schtroheim Heinrich, but is actually an android and the core component to the Danube α1.


Lorelai was created by Dr. Heinrich in order to complete the Danube robot as repayment for Dr. Hell for bringing Dr. Heinrich back to life. To complete the Danube with a working consciousness, Dr. Heinrich made Lorelai exposing her to different emotions and feelings while treating her as his own daughter.


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Lorelai's appearance in Shin Mazinger is based on her counterpart from the original manga, having long blonde hair with a ribbon tied in and light blue eyes. Her clothing usually consists of a pink top with a blue skirt while she also has a light blue night gown that resembles her anime counterpart's clothing.


Lorelai has a sweet and loving personality that makes her a very social person towards people and even creatures like seagulls. She loves her father despite his rather cruel methods, and is willing to sacrifice her old self to fulfill Dr. Heinrich's wish of being the greatest robot engineer, even if it means destroying the Mazinger Z and its pilot Koji (who is her friend Shiro's older brother).


At first glance, Lorelai does not have any special abilities, but as she is the integral piece of the Danube she provides the robot with full sentience allowing it to fight and adapt in combat after Lorelai experiences several emotions.


Lorelai appeared at the Kurogane House one day looking for Tsubasa Nishikiori, whom had already left for Germany. She met Shiro, spending time with him and becoming friends before going back to Dr. Heinrich's castle in Germany. At the castle, Lorelai introduces Shiro to Dr. Heinrich who proceeds to introduce Tsubasa as Shiro's mother, much to his shock. Lorelai was a little sad that her father did such a cruel thing as tell Shiro about what happened to his father because of Tsubasa before Baron Ashura arrives. As Ashura is driven off, Lorelai is sent to bed before the castle is overrun with the Ashura Corps. As Shiro meets up with Lorelai, they as well as Tsubasa see Dr. Heinrich knocked out of the Danube. As Lorelai goes up to her father, Dr. Heinrich tells her that she is the "heart" of the Danube, but was incomplete as she did not experience any sort of sadness. Telling Lorelai how to combine with the Danube, Dr. Heinrich calls her his greatest creation as he dies. Sad about her father's death, Lorelai combines with the Danube to strike at Baron Ashura and fight the Mazinger, despite Shiro's protests. In the end, the Danube and Lorelai are destroyed by the Mazinger Z.

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