Kanji 絵夢
Kana エム
Gender Female
Age designed to be Adolescent
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Army
Family and Relations K (Older Sister),

L (Younger Sister)

First Appearance Unknown

M is the middle sister within the Mechanical Beast Army. She is based on the Doublas M2.


M has long dark hair that falls to her thighs and covers the right half of her face. She stands in a semi-crouching position. Her clothing consists of a wrinkly top with a cleavage showing and a long skirt that covers her legs, M also wears gloves that resemble the heads of her namesake.


M, like her older sister K generally has a mind set based on her programming to defeat and destroy Seto and the Mazinger Army. Interestingly enough, whenever she speaks, she moves her hand puppets as if they were speaking even though her mouth is moving, something K considers taboo to ask why.


Besides the standard abilities of the Mazinger Otome androids, M's gloves are capable of releasing flames to attack or shoot wires to attack enemies.


M encountered Seto Magami and the Mazinger Army during school when M and her sisters came to their school. All attempts to destroy the Mazinger Army however ended in failure. The three sisters tried to get back at the Mazinger Army by disguising themselves as Seto through the Nise Z costume, getting the upper hand until Seto appeared and took them down easily. Defeated again, M and her sisters had a smaller role in Mazinger Otome Taisen where they lost most of the villainous roles to the New Mazinger Army.


M's name comes from the Latin letter within Doublas M2. The kanji that compose her name literally means 'Picture Dream'.

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