M.A. Base Targeted by the Devil
Kanji 悪魔の標的修士ベース
Romaji name Akuma no Hyoteki Ma Basu
Volume 2
Chapter 12
Chapter Guide
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Pursue! The Kidnapping Submarine Bood The Despair of the Mazinger Angels

M.A. Base, Targeted by the Devil is the twelfth chapter of Mazinger Angels. It starts The Return of Brocken arc.

Summary Edit

At school, Sayaka gets an emergency call in the middle of a class, infuriating her teacher. Sayaka attempts to leave saying something came up, but the teacher chases her down removing her skirt in the process. Boss manages to hold down the teacher long enough for Sayaka to leave and get her skirt back on. Arriving at the base, Prof. Nonaka informs everyone of a tracking device found on Minerva X rather easily, indicating someone wanted it to be found as a calling card.

A subterranean missile-like Mechanical Beast approaches the base at a fast speed alerting everyone at the base to evacuate. The Mechanical Beast struck the base causing it to explode. A voice over an intercom is heard from a descending UFO-like Mechanical Beast and another winged Mechanical Beast saying the event was a present. The voice was from Brocken who got help from his benefactor to escape prison.

Ready for revenge, Brocken proclaimed he was going to take everything from the Angels. Maria irritated, launches Minerva's Rocket Punch attack. The winged Mechanical Beast however used radio waves to control the projectile attack and send it back at Minerva, piercing the robot through the abdomen. As Minerva fell, Maria fell out of the cockpit but was caught by Demos. Brocken, threatens to tear Maria in half unless the Angels do as he says. Brocken has the Jeiser attach items called the Iron Bras to the remaining Angel robots. With the devices on, the robots are unable to use their OPM attacks and if they try to remove them or use the missiles without the special key the robots and pilots would be blown up.

As Brocken mocks them and everyone believes that their hands are tied, a shadowy figure watches from afar. Brocken then mockingly invites everyone to his base having Jeiser grab the robots. As everyone is panicking, a voice from the figure tells them not to give up and to escape as any of them alive gives them another chance. Jun pulls the Queen Star out of its docking area while catching Sayaka coming out from the back of her Aphrodite's head. Hikaru has her Scarlet Mobile detach from Diana and use its Scarlet Beam to rescue Maria.

While Brocken is frustrated he still gloats that their base was destroyed and that the robots are still in his grasp. Prof. Nonaka crushes the tracking device in frustration for not disabling it while everyone pulls out.

Trivia Edit

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