Composition Unnamed Polymers and Alloy
Power Source Magnetic Energy
Pilot Shiko Kotetsu & Shin Kotetsu

Majeeg is the accidentally combined form of Shiko and Shin Kotetsu. It served as the final enemy of Mazinger Otome Taisen.


Majeeg has two forms, its first form is a disordered mess of its fusees with its limbs forming a rectangular shape. Its second form is a centurion form based on the combined form of the Devilman demons Sirene and Kaimu featuring the bulky lower body with a small tail and drill-like horns extending out of its shoulders. The Jeeg robots extend from the top half of the large lower body with the Shin Jeeg on the bottom with arms attached to its sides while the Shiko Jeeg is on the top with the legs attached to its sides.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As described by Hiroshi Kotetsu, Majeeg's power is squared rather than double that of the separate Jeeg robots, even cubed but the process also makes both robots lose control becoming an evil and destructive entity. It is armed with a barrier that is able to block most energy attacks. Even when blown to pieces, it can reconstruct itself into a stronger form and use its magnetic abilities to gather objects to create this body.

  • Jeeg Beam Genocide: a beam attack that can destroy an entire area with destructive force.
  • Knuckle Volcano: Launches the arms from the Shin Jeeg body.
  • Mach Drill Inferno: Launches the Mach Drills in a high speed fashion forming a tornado around the body.
  • Spin Storm Catastrophe: Unleashes a more powerful version of the Spin Storm from the large vent in its second form.
  • Electric Attacks: Most if not all physical blows are enhanced with electricity.


During a fight against Shiko and Shin, they accidentally combined and formed the Majeeg as it went on a rampage. Both the Mazinger Army and New Mazinger Army teamed up to defeat it. Because of the increased power of the Majeeg, Reito and Grace then provided some of their weapons to unleash a powerful assault on the Majeeg, seemingly destroying it. However, the Majeeg reformed into a stronger form from appliances and parts that put both teams in a corner. It wasn't until Seto Magami's Photon Power came to its limits that she assumed her Astro Mazinger form and after showing off its attacks, purified Majeeg with its Photon Ring releasing both Shiko and Shin.

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