Maria 2
Kanji N/A
Kana Unknown
Gender Female
Age (Designed to be Adolescent)
Robot Florian Beet
Affiliation Planet Fleed Royal Family
Family and Relations Ruke Fleed (Employer)
Maria Flora (Co-worker/'Sister')
First Appearance Unknown
Maria 2 is a back up support android working under Maria Flora to assist Ruke Fleed and Grendizer in emergencies.

Appearance Edit

Maria 2 resembles Maria but has black armor with small horns coming out of the head and has no hair extending from her head.

Personality Edit

Maria 2 like Maria is loyal to Ruke Fleed and does everything in her power to assist him in battle.

Abilities Edit

Maria 2 is an android programmed for combat allowing her to pilot the Florian Beet in battle and defeat multiple enemies flawlessly.

History Edit

Maria 2 was brought into battle when Ruke and Grendizer Giga were dropped out of the sky by a Saucer Beast and Maria activated her to help. Piloting Florian Beet, Maria 2 fought saved Ruke and Grendizer from the while providing the needed back-up. She went into hiding to provide assistance in battle at a later time. She would do so again when the Vegan Empire began to attack en masse, providing assistance for the Grendizer and its allies.

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