Maria Grace Fleed
Kanji N/A
Kana グレース・マリア・フリード
Gender Female
Age 14
Robot Drill Spazer
Affiliation Space Science Laboratory
Family and Relations Unnamed Parents,

Duke Fleed (Older Brother)

First Appearance Unknown
Maria Grace Fleed is the younger sister of Duke Fleed in the Grendizer manga by Gosaku Ōta.


Maria was often raised apart from Duke when they were children, but they were very close. By the time the Vegan Empire attacked, Maria was sent with a guardian to off world location. Maria had her memories suppressed so that she could live in peace, coincidentally she ended up on the same planet as her brother Duke, Earth.


Maria's appearance is identical to her original counterpart with long and silky hair and an attractive complexion. She is rather tall for her age of 14 comparable to the 17 year old Koji Kabuto.


Maria was like most girls her age on Earth leading a rather carefree life. But upon regaining her memories of Planet Fleed, Maria becomes vengeful and ruthless to anyone she considers an enemy. Upon learning that her brother is still alive calmed Maria down and grew to appreciate Earth more. She also becomes attracted to Koji, much to Duke and Sayaka's chagrin.


Maria is a capable pilot, able to steal a Vegan Empire UFO and work it with ease. It were these skills that allowed her to pilot the Drill Spazer.


Maria was living with her guardian until a battle between the Vegan Empire and the Grendizer broke out with the debris from the battle crushing Maria's guardian. With his dying breath, he revealed Maria's true identity. Maria was shocked at this and vowed to destroy the people responsible for her guardian's death. Maria attacked the Grendizer but was later brought to the ground where she and Duke reunited. Relieved that her brother was alive, Maria hugged him. Seeing Maria's piloting skills, she was asked to join the fight against the Empire, to which she agreed. Overtime she starts to become attracted to Koji even when they argue. She also starts to worry about Duke when he starts to have thoughts of conquering Earth after a fallout between him and Dr. Umon. When war between Grendizer, the Vegan Empire, and Earth's governments Maria went to her brother's side. When Raaga started its programming to stop nuclear warfare by wiping out civilization, Grendizer and Drill Spazer went after it but were unsuccessful in stopping it from creating an earthquake and tsunami. Maria and her brother were then brought into stasis as the Grendizer entered a hibernative state.

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