Maria Flora

(Maria Uryu)

Kanji 宇竜 マリア


Kana Uryū Maria

(Maria Furōra)

Gender Female
Age (Designed to be Adolescent)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Planet Fleed Royal Family
Family and Relations Daisuke Uryu/Ruke Fleed (Employer/Cover Half-Brother)
Maria 2 (Co-worker/'Sister')
First Appearance Grendizer Giga Vol.1, Ch.1
Maria Flora (also known as Maria Uryu) is an assist android that acts as a guardian to the crown prince of the Planet Fleed royal family, Ruke Fleed. Undercover as a human, Maria acts as Daisuke's (Ruke's cover) half-sister who have the same father but a different mother. Her name and role as a sibling come from Maria Fleed from the original Grendizer.

Appearance Edit

Maria resembles a teenage girl with dark blonde hair worn in long pigtails and light blue eyes. Her pilot suit has her adorned in pink armor with yellow accented marks as well as a helmet and a mask that covers the bottom half of her face.

Personality Edit

Maria is intensely loyal to Ruke Fleed following his every order and does what she can to protect him from any threats including wiping his own memories. When the call to action is needed, Maria is not subtle about bringing Daisuke up to speed. Under her cover, Maria acts like a a supportive younger sibling while making friends with others including Daisuke's host family.

Abilities Edit

As Maria is an android programmed to protect Ruke, she is given programming to suit those needs including being a highly skilled pilot in a variety of vehicles including an on-road car that can transform into a high speed aircraft and the Spazer that she connects to with her hair acting as cables. Her hair is also able to access a person's neural network, allowing Maria to change people's memories.

History Edit

Maria had escaped the destruction of Planet Fleed by the Vegan Empire and after fighting off some Saucer Beasts pursuing them went to Earth where Maria under Ruke's instructions changed his memory so that they could not be tracked down. Maria had come to visit her 'brother' after he came home from school and introduced herself to the Makiba family. After requesting some bonding time with Daisuke, Maria took him to the Spazer's hiding spot while returning his memories as Ruke Fleed to fight the coming storm of the Vegan Empire. With the Grendizer sent out to fight, Maria offered support in the Spazer while sending out her 'sister' Maria 2 and the Florian Beet when Ruke was in danger. With the battle over, Maria reset Ruke's memories back to Daisuke with Maria growing close to Daisuke's friend Hikaru.

As more Saucer Beasts attacked, Maria picked up Daisuke to make him Ruke Fleed again to fight.

Trivia Edit

  • While Maria's name comes from Maria Fleed of Grendizer, her appearance is based on the Gamia Q androids.

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