Mario N7
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Mario N7 is a flying saucer-like "anti-human" Mechanical Beast that appeared in the Mazinger Z manga. It was controlled by Count Brocken for his operations on a mountain pass.


Mario N7 is much smaller than the average Mechanical Beast due to being built to fight against humans rather than military weaponry and giant robots. It has the appearance of a flying saucer with multiple arms extending out it and a face in the center.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Mario N7 is mainly used to control an army of killer androids through a type of radio waves. Its multiple arms can also extend to attack airborne enemies.


Count Brocken had been using a mountain pass to haul cargo for Dr. Hell. To keep people from becoming suspicious he used the Mario N7 and a legion of killer androids to scare off, and if necessary kill intruders. After Koji Kabuto, Sayaka Yumi, Boss, and Shiro Kabuto came to the pass on vacation they noticed the androids looking like ghosts or monsters. Koji decided to investigate further with Sayaka coming along. They find out the monsters were just animatronics and some of Brocken's men were hauling cargo. Brocken then had the Mario N7 attack them using the killer androids. Sayaka and Koji were caught in a pinch until Shiro and Boss arrived with the Hover Pilder. Koji took control and managed to shoot a missile at the Mario N7, destroying it.


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