Marquis Janus
Kanji ヤヌス侯爵
Kana N/A
Gender Female
Age (Ageless)
Robot Various Warrior Beasts including Marquis Janus
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations None
Voice Actor Haruko Kitahama
First Appearance Great Mazinger Anime episode 23

Marquis Janus (ヤヌス侯爵) is a major villain in Great Mazinger, acting as Archduke Gorgon's replacement after his death as the chief adviser of Minister Argos.


Marquis Janus wears a long red dress that covers her body and her purple hair is horn-shaped. She carries a black cat on her shoulder and is usually seen with a white staff. Janus noticeably has two faces that appear when she rotates her head 180 degrees; one face is of a beautiful young woman with pale white skin while the other face is like that of a demonic hag's with green wrinkly skin with the hair that covers her face springing outwards. Both faces have eyes that have yellow sclera and black irises.

In her human disguise, Janus wears her hair down while wearing a green dress with yellow bands and a diamond shape opening on the chest showing her cleavage.

Personality Edit

Marquis Janus is absolutely loyal to the Mycenae Empire and acts cruel and sadistic to those that oppose it. While she respects her commanders, Janus is willing to compete with the Great General of Darkness, especially when it came to mocking him about honor.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Marquis Janus employs some sort of witchcraft in battle allowing her to fly, teleport, and turn invisible; though it seems more likely to be from the advanced technology of the Empire, shown when Janus uses electronic spikes to control people's minds. Janus wields a stave that shoots beams of destructive energy while also capable of shooting beams out of her eyes.

She is also in command of the Catloo Corps. Marquis Janus has proven to be a bigger threat than Gorgon in strategy shown when she exploits the weaknesses of the Great and the Science Fortress Lab for the Warrior Beasts to use in battle. She is also a decent pilot, able to have the Marquis Janus fight against the Great Mazinger and Venus A in an even battle. She can also disguise herself, for example, in episode 48 as Sayaka, and as her usual self, but with loose hair and a different dress to distract guards in the Science Fortress Laboratory to mess with the controls in Brain Condor in episode 54.


After the death of Gorgon, Marquis under the command of Minister Argos forming strategies that had overwhelmed both the Great and Science Fortress Lab with the opposing side just barely able to overcome the attacks. In the final battle against the Great Mazinger and its allies, Janus entered the battle but was destroyed when she and her robot crashed to the computers and caused the Demonika to explode.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Marquis Janus's name comes from Janus, the Roman God of beginnings and transitions. Like the god, Janus has two faces.

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