Mass-Produced Great Mazinger
Composition Imitation Super Alloy New Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Tetsuya Tsurugi
Jun Hono
Science Fortress Lab staff
Archduke Gorgon (Remotely)
Dimensions Height: 25m
Weight: 32t
Notable moves Thunder Break, Mazinger Blade
The Mass-Produced Great Mazinger are robots produced by Shinsuminichi Industry after acquiring the blueprints for the original Great Mazinger.

Appearance Edit

The Mass-Produced Great Mazinger resemble the original model with the exception being the lack of a Scrander and having numbers on their upper bodies.

Abilities Edit

The Mass-Produced Great Mazingers have firepower comparable to the original model, able to use functions like the Thunder Break and Mazinger Blade. However, since they lack a Scrander they are unable to fly. They are also equipped with explosives for self-destruction.

History Edit

With the blueprints for the Great Mazinger are acquired by Shinsuminichi Industry, the mass-produced robots were put into production after the completion of the prototype Black Great. With cooperation from the Science Fortress Laboratory staff, the company president planned to have the mass-produced Greats fight the Mycenae Empire as a form of advertisement so that the robots could be sold overseas to increase trade between Japan and ensure a stable economic future less Japan goes into ruin.

However during battle, the robots were hijacked by Archduke Gorgon who controlled the robots to attack the Science Fortress Lab staff. They managed to be fought off thanks to the original Great Mazinger's flight capabilities. After this they were thrown into the Japanese Trench and subsequently destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mass-Produced Great Mazinger robots were featured a couple of times in Super Robot Wars including the Alpha series where they are given new backstories such as being made by Dr. Hell or the Mycenae Empire.

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