Mazin saga

MazinSaga (called Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter in the US and Mazin Wars in Europe) is a Sega Genesis beat-em-up/fighting styled video game based on the manga MazinSaga, published on 1993. The game was developed by Almanac Group and published by Sega in Japan and Europe with Vic Tokai publishing the game in the US.


In the year 1999, God Kaiser Hell began an invasion of Earth with his Bio-Beasts. Standing in his way is Koji Kabuto wearing the armor Z. With the armies of Earth powerless against Hell, the Mazinger Z fights against the Bio Beasts to end Hell's conquest. Unfortunately, victory is bittersweet; the Earth is left in ruins and the refugees are forced to move to Mars. The battle continues against Hell's forces there.


The player controls Z and fights against the Bio-Beasts utilizing the Mazinger Blade. The levels are divided into four parts with the first three depicting Z as human sized and fighting against the equally sized Bio-Beasts in a side-scrolling beat-em-up style. The fourth part of the level is the boss battle where the Z grows to gigantic size and fights against the boss in a one-on-one fighting game-style battle. The game features a high difficulty with no changes and the enemy bosses are nearly unstoppable in a manner similar to most fighting games from SNK.

Super BossesEdit

  1. Garada-K7: Tokyo
  2. Slug Head: Asia
  3. Dino Beast: Europe
  4. Buster Claw: New York
  5. Negative Mazinger: Egypt
  6. (A Boss Rush with the previous bosses in a different color palette)
  7. Hell Mazinger


  • Despite having other available attacks in the manga, the Z in the game only has its Mazinger Blade for attacks and defense.
  • The game was published one year after the MazinSaga manga was discontinued.

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