Mazin Brothers
Mazin Brothers
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Unknown

The Mazin Brothers (マジンブラザー Majin Burazā) are mass-produced versions of Mazinger Z that appear only in the novel version of Mazinkaiser SKL.


The Mazin Brothers are overall identical to Mazinger Z, but with key differences. They posses Reinforced Rocket Punch forelimbs colored blue with gray braces, their feet and shoulders are silver, their Pilders are white instead of red and lack a back fin, and the Breast Fire heat sinks on their chests are much larger.

Depending on the equipment they either carry a set of Missile Launchers attached to their legs and shoulders, or a large Rust Hurricane Backpack.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As mass produced copies of the Mazinger Z, they all share abilities with the original such as the Breast Fire and the Rust Hurricane, but on a massively toned down scale, and do not possess the ability to fire Rocket Punches. To make up for this lack of power in the key armaments, they all possess the aforementioned reinforced forelimbs, and can use missile launchers that are attached to various parts of their bodies, while some come equipped with a backpack capable of discharging a massive stream of Rust Hurricanes.

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