Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Koji Kabuto

This article refers to the combat suit from the USA Mazinger comic, for the franchise see Mazinger (Franchise). For the original Mazinger mecha see Mazinger Z.

Mazinger is one of many gigantic internally piloted combat suits created for the wars on Earth for soldiers to survive. Compared to the original Mazinger Z, the Mazinger has little significance to the plot and appears to be just another machine among a crowd, but is noted by other characters to be among the strongest machines in the war.


Mazinger resembles a heavily armored version of its namesake, similar in appearance to a knight. Compared to the original Mazinger, the suit is mostly blue in color, holds a sword, and is adorned with a red cape while in Lithgor. A "Z" insignia is embalmed above the center of the chest. While Major Kabuto still pilots the unit internally, he does not do so with a Pilder, instead using a much simpler cockpit sealed in the head.


Unlike other versions of Mazinger Z, the combat suit Mazinger has little of the same weapons and capabilities, unable to even utilize a Rocket Punch. It wields a large Mazin Blade-esque sword, wielded with one hand and capable of slicing cleanly through it's enemies.

However, the Mazinger has a powerful trump card up its sleeve. Hidden among numerous compartments across the machine are missile silos. These missiles can be fired simultaneously, capable of annihilating an entire army in moments. Following it's only display of this feature in the comic, the explosive force is so great that it tears a rift in reality, which sends Major Kabuto and the Mazinger back to their original dimension.

Mazin missle

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