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Mazinger Angels (マジンガーエンジェル) is a manga series spin-off of the original three Mazinger series. Written by Akihiko Niina, it is a spoof of the popular 70-80s show Charlie's Angels. The manga was published in Monthly Magazine Z and written and illustrated by Nina Akihiko.

Production Edit

The series was originally a toyline that was planned to release as the Mazinger Queen collection featuring custom models of the Aphrodite A and notable female characters as race queens. Toy planner, Tsuyoshi Nonaka created the OPM System as a new feature for the toyline. When bringing up the concept with Dynamic Productions, the company accepted and requested a manga to be released as a way of advertising the product.

The main male cast aside from Boss and his gang are completely absent in this manga and their roles are filled by the female protagonists of the series. Several of the villains are also portrayed differently than they are normally. For example, Baron Ashura is a pair of lovers instead of a conjoined body. Other characters and settings created by Go Nagai and Dynamic Productions also appear including a God Mazinger based chapter featuring Aila Mu and a Devilman based chapter featuring the anime version of Akira Fudo.

The manga was eventually followed up by Mazinger Angels Z, featuring a story based on Grendizer and introducing Kikunosuke Abashiri as a new main character and pilot of the Iron Z (a robot based on the original concept of the Mazinger Z, Energer Z).


For several years, there has been an undercover team known as the Mazinger Angels, a group of women that pilot giant robots to fight against threats on Earth. The current team in Japan is composed of high schooler Sayaka Yumi, frequently part-time employee Jun Hono, and daughter of a ranch owner Hikaru Makiba. Later a newcomer named Maria Fleed also joins the team after clearing up a confusion. Several threats involving giant robots called Mechanical Beasts have been coming up, raising suspicion. The source of many of these robots turns out to be Dr. Hell, a mad scientist planning to take over the world. To make matters worse is the rise of the ancient Dragonsaurus, a beast that destroyed the Mu civilization long ago. With help from earlier members of the Angel team, the Angels manage to destroy the Dragonsaurus and kill Dr. Hell.

Chapters Edit

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Mazinger Angels comprises of four volumes with about seven chapters in each book.