Mazinger Angels Z (マジンガーエンジェルZ) (pronounced Mazinger Angels Zwei) is a sequel manga to Mazinger Angels. The series takes place a few years after the defeat of Dr. Hell, with Maria attending high school at Paradise Academy and an undercover Sayaka is the nurse of the same school. A new main character is introduced, Kikunosuke Abashiri. Also introduced are the Vegan Empire with the manga using a plot similar to Grendizer.


Years after the battle with Dr. Hell, Maria and Sayaka go undercover at Paradise Academy as a student and nurse respectively given the mysterious appearances of the Saucer Beasts in the area. Also attending is a new transfer student, Kikunosuke Abashiri, a rebellious tomboy who gets into constant arguments with Maria. A new threat also arises, the Vegan Empire who are searching for the lost princess of Planet Fleed who arrived on Earth, in order to find a secret weapon of Fleed. Searching the school for the princess, they are noticed by the Angels who manage to fight off their Saucer Beasts. Kikunosuke is later guided to a hidden area where a giant robot designed by Juzo Kabuto (a friend of her father) is located. The motorcycle Kikunosuke received as a gift from her father is revealed to be the Pilder to control the robot, Iron Z. With this Kikunosuke fights against the Empire. Later, it is revealed that Maria is in fact the princess with a birthmark on her back revealed to be a map. Using this new information, the Angels and Kikunosuke uncover the weapon and use it in conjunction with Z to fight against the Vegan Empire on their moonbase.

Chapters Edit

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  • Zwei is the German word for 'two', referencing that the manga is a sequel to Mazinger Angels.
    • The shortened Z references the full title Mazinger Z.

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