The Mazinger Army that appear in the Manga and Movie of Mazinkaiser.


When the Mazinkaiser was being bombarded by a battlion of Gools the Mazinger Army show up in their upgraded mechs with Million α 1, Baion β 2, Daion γ 3. They manage to do some damage before getting shot down. The mechs were later repaired & the pilots once again sortie against the final battle against Dr. Hell.

Vs Great General of DarknessEdit

The movie however they aren't as fortunate as they battle the Mycenae Empire to give Koji time to pilot the Mazinkaiser. They Pilot the original mechs from the original manga. Lori, Loru, & Million α sacrifice their life to destroy the enemy airship. Shun & Baion both got decapiated. Masao got roasted with his Daion until it couldn't take the heat anymore and explode killing its pilot.

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