Mazinger Otome (マジンガー乙女) is a spin-off manga by Mikio Tachibana that introduces the Mazinger robots as female human sized androids. The manga started on Oct. 9 2009 on Flapper Mobile. It was eventually followed by Mazinger Otome Taisen.


Mazinger Otome depicts the mechas of the Mazinger franchise and Steel Jeeg series as androids where they fit into regular life regulated by special signs so as not to cause problems for regular people. It follows the android girls that make up the cast as they deal with life in high school and from the school delinquents of Bardos High, the Mechanical Beast Army. The main protagonist is Seto Magami, an android based on the Mazinger Z who is treated as the granddaughter of Juzo Magami.

Chapters Edit

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  • The character for 乙 (Otsu) in Otome resembles the English letter Z, fitting in with the overall theme.