Mazinger Otome Taisen (マジンガー乙女大戦) is a manga sequel to Mazinger Otome. It takes place some time after the final battle with the Mechanical Beast Army and introduces the New Mazinger Army in a turf war over a vacant lot.


After another day of school, Seto Magami is peeved that she is unable to use her abilities with the limiter signs everywhere so she invites everyone to a Vacant Lot that has no signs anywhere. However she meet two young women named Necro and Bui Jinga, other Mazinger android models and they pick a fight with Seto and Reito, ultimately overpowering them and claiming the vacant lot.

Meanwhile, Grace and Shiko encounter their own doppelgängers in the form of Dark G. Dark an assassin from the Vegan Empire and Shin Kotetsu an android created by Shiko's father who also manage to strike blows against them. Necro recruits them to form the New Mazinger Army before getting into another brawl with the Mazinger Army.

During the battle, Shiko and Shin accidentally fuse together to become Majeeg which became a problem for both sides so they decided to work together. But Majeeg proved to be too powerful for even their combined forces until Seto entered her Astro Mazinger form and after overpowering Majeeg purged the evil from it, freeing Shiko and Shin. Afterwards, both the Mazinger and New Mazinger live on (relatively) good terms.

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