Mazinger Otome Taisen Chapter 2
Kanji マジンガー乙女大戦 章 2
Romaji name Majinga Otome Taisen Sho 2
Volume 2
Chapter 2
Chapter Guide
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Mazinger Otome Taisen Chapter 2 is the full introduction of Dark G. Dark.

Summary Edit

Starting where the last chapter went off with Grace, she asks if she met her opposing figure before. Peeved, she introduced herself as the black Grendizer, Dark G. Dark, an android created by Vega Empire to be superior to Grace in every way. Grace however mocks the fact that Dark lacks a Spazer. Dark admits that she crashed hers so she decided to steal Grace's. Grace does not let her and while both are able to use the Screw Crusher Punch, neither are able to use the Hanjuryoku Storm. To settle the score, Dark combines with the Spazer in order to battle at the vacant lot.

Back at the vacant lot, Necro Jinga is bored and Bui is asleep. Necro would like more company and witnesses Grace fall down and Dark gets ready for battle. After exchanging blows, Grace blew off Dark's glasses with her Hanjuryoku Storm in order to get an opening. Dark however is not affected as her glasses are just for show. Dark then combines with the Spazer to change into the Dark Spazer and unleashes the Dark Thunder overpowering Grace. Dark however used up all her power and the Spazer crashed and is damaged. Necro offered to help repair the Spazer if Dark does her a favor.

At Seto's house, Grace comes by defeated. Reito helps her in and tells Grace what happened to her and Seto and that they can't win as they are now against these new foes. Seto had gone into her room, appearing to be depressed. Prof. Juzo is even more depressed though. Realizing that Shiko could be in danger, Koji and Reito went to check on her and see that she is tearing up.

Back at the vacant lot, Dark had come back from Super Slum King after agreeing to Necro's favor, yet feels like an errand girl. Everyone is excited but notice the girl who Shiko encountered as she introduces herself as Shin Kotetsu.

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