Mazinger Otome Taisen Chapter 4
Kanji マジンガー乙女大戦 章 4
Romaji name Majinga Otome Taisen Sho 4
Volume 2
Chapter 4
Chapter Guide
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Mazinger Otome Taisen chapter 4 is the chapter detailing the battle between the Mazinger and New Mazinger Army.

Summary Edit

At the Vacant Lot, people have gathered to watch the fight between the Mazinger Armies as they trade blows. A couple of missed blows cause some stir ups between both groups. As Koji comments he asks Mr. Yumi his interpretations. He replies that he expects great results. As both parties clash with different opponents, Shiko has trouble with Bui due to the size difference. Put into pieces, Shiko summons extra Jeeg parts from the pipes that created the Panzeroid formation. Necro uses her Shadow Scrander to fly along with Dark using her Dark Spazer, Seto and Reito take to the skies with their scranders. Grace and Bui are disappointed by the fact that they can't fly but are offered rides. As Seto and Reito argue over who fights Necro, Shiko goes up with Grace on her horseback while Bui is given a ride on Dark. The battle in the sky rages, while Shin launches her own Jeeg parts including the Jeeg Bazooka, attacking everyone in the air which makes them drop to the ground. Shin believes she won, but Shiko's head and fist knock her down.

With both Jeegs in pieces and everyone exhausted, both parties start throwing the Jeegs' pieces around. Both Jeegs are peeved, and attempt to rebuild their bodies but they get mixed up. Then they start to act strange. A letter from Hiroshi Kotetsu explains that if Shiko and Shin combine, they would lose their minds. As they combined, but parties get a bad feeling.

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