Kedora installing itself on Mazinger.

Mazinger Z: Relic of Terror is a one-shot manga by Ken Ishikawa in Super Robot Comic Mazinger Z Hen. It tells an original story that takes place during the Mazinger team's battle against Dr. Hell.


Koji Kabuto piloting the Mazinger Z finishes a battle with a Mechanical Beast, he boldly proclaims that he will take on anything Dr. Hell throws at him. Hell is at his lab with a new find from Bardos, the Kedora. Hell launches it toward the Photon Power Lab. It manages to take control of Z and go on a rampage while stating things like Kedora are the true inhabitants of Earth and it will destroy any threats to it. Measures are taken against Z to reclaim it, Boss Borot tries to stop the monstrosity but is easily knocked away. Koji and Sayaka Yumi pilot the Hover Pilder to get to the Mazinger's head. Once docked, Koji fights the Kedora to force it off the Mazinger and is successful with Z destroying it. Back at the lab, Dr. Hell orders his men to destroy the remaining Kedora lest they rebel against them. Danger averted, Koji looks up to sky in victory.


The Kedora make a reappearance in Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen, in Exhumation! Battle Brain Kedora an episode based on Relic of Terror but the Kedora are used again in some episodes.


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