ゆる笑アニメ マジンガーZIP! 告知00:24

ゆる笑アニメ マジンガーZIP! 告知

OP 02

Title screen

Mazinger ZIP! (マジンガーZIP!) is a series of animated flash-shorts produced on NTV's ZIP! television programs starting on April 8, 2013 and officially ending on March 28, 2014 with a few short pauses due to the #26 Typhoon and the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. It replaced ZIP!'s previous anime shorts program Ohayo Ninja Tai-Gatchaman shorts based on Science Ninja Team Gatchaman which was brought back on the air for a brief period of time before Mazinger ZIP! resumed.


Mazinger ZIP! features the same characters from the original series involved in a series of small comedic sketches based on modern society in Japan. Some content included a collaboration period with the showing of "The Lone Ranger" film as well as appearances from the cast of Tai-Gatchaman.


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