Mazinger Z is an alternate telling manga made in collaboration with Gosaku Ōta and Go Nagai, compared to the original and TV Magazine manga by Nagai, this manga was made more in tune with the anime while adding its own original elements.


The manga focuses on a plot more similar to the anime starting with Koji checking on his grandfather after Baron Ashura had activated a bomb. With his dying breath, Dr. Kabuto gives Koji the Super Robot Mazinger Z. With the threat of Dr. Hell looming, Koji fights against his Mechanical Beasts and lieutenants with help from Sayaka Yumi and to some degree Boss.

Differences from other mediaEdit

  • The manga includes an arc based on Mazinger Z vs. Devilman where Devilman appears which featured the creation of the Jet Scrander after the threat of flying Mechanical Beasts became common.
  • Sayaka pilots Diana A after the destruction of Aphrodite A like in the anime and TV Magazine manga, rather than Venus A.
  • The Japanese Self-Defense Force takes a more active role in the manga helping provide funding to the Photon Labs and even fighting against the Mechanical Beasts with the US army.
  • Boss's cousin Misato plays a larger role than in the anime.
  • An exclusive chapter where Koji and Baron Ashura end up in a parallel reality ruled by fishmen called the Chip Kamoy that enslaved the human race of their reality and treat them like cattle; with their resources depleting they made plans to invade Koji and Ashura's reality.
  • A chapter dedicated to Dr. Hell's backstory.
  • The end of the manga follows a plot more similar to Mazinger Z vs Great General of Darkness than the anime and TV Magazine manga.
  • A critically injured Koji is converted into a cyborg by his father after his fight with Warrior Beasts.

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