Mazinger Z front

Mazinger Z is a beat 'em up styled platformer video game for the Super Famicom released on June 25, 1993 based on the Mazinger Z anime. It was developed by Winkysoft and published by Bandai; featuring the major cast members and a wide variety of Mechiancal Beasts that the Mazinger has to fight.


After countless defeats at the hands of Koji Kabuto and the Mazinger Z, Dr. Hell reconstructs some of his Mechanical Beasts to attack Tokyo for the last time. Dr. Hell is ultimately successful in destroying Tokyo. Koji survives and uses the Mazinger Z to prevent Dr. Hell from taking over the world and to end the fight between him and Hell for good.


The game features standard platformer gameplay, in addition the Mazinger Z fights in a manner similar to karate when not using other weapons based on some of the same abilities as it does in anime such as missiles, Breast Fire, and Rocket Punch. Special moves deplete the energy meter that slowly regenerates. The Rocket Punch however can be used at any time, but leaves the Mazinger Z unable to punch until its forearm comes back.

Enemies are unique to each level and must be defeated in order to progress. Their attacks also vary: some use projectile weaponry, some rush, and often team up to fight the Mazinger. The end of the level features a boss with more powerful weaponry.

As the player reaches certain parts of the game, cut scenes are played that tell the game's story. The player is given six overall tries to complete the game; if they use up all of their chances, the player must restart from the beginning.



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