For the mecha in the original OVA, see Mazinkaiser (Mecha).
Composition Super Alloy New Zα
Power Source Photonic Reactor
Pilot Koji Kabuto
Dimensions Height: 23 meters,

Weight: 39 tons

Notable moves Turbo Smasher Punch, Rust Tornado, Fire Blaster, Kaiser Blade, Koshiryoku Beam
Mazinkaiser is a powerful giant robot with the capability to defeat an entire army like the Mycenae Empire. It served as the main plot element in Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness.


Mazinkaiser virtually appears exactly the same as its counterpart from the previous OVA resembling a more human-like Mazinger Z with a strong build, a wing-shaped heat sink with an emblem in the middle, and a longer crown with horns extending from its head.


Kaiser PilderEdit

A jet fighter-like flying vehicle that serves as the cockpit for Mazinkaiser. It is able to fly and maneuver at very high speeds, able to catch up to the falling frame of Mazinkaiser as it re-entered the atmosphere. It is able to dock while in midair and survive the impact of a crash.

Kaiser ScranderEdit

A flying module that attaches to the back of Mazinkaiser that allows it to fly. It can also be detached and used as a boomerang to attack enemies.

Abilities and AttacksEdit

Mazinkaiser is a highly powerful robot far exceeding any of its predecessors, able to fight an army of Warrior Beasts and Mycenae Empire generals with little difficulty. Its durability and strength is immense, able to survive a drop from a satellite and escape unscathed as well as pick up the gigantic Demonika and throw it away.

  • Turbo Smasher Punch: A Rocket Punch that functions much like the Screw Crusher Punch of Great Mazinger, but with much more force.
  • Koshiryoku Beam: A beam attack from the eyes, it is stronger than the Mazinger's shown when it destroyed a Warrior Beast.
  • Rust Tornado: A more powerful version of the Rust Hurricane, able to make a valley and blast through a part of Mt. Fuji through the higher wind force and corrosive particles.
  • Giganto Missile: Launches a missile from the abdomen, enough to destroy a Warrior Beast in one blow.
  • Reito Beam: A freezing attack similar to the Mazinger from the original anime, shot from the antenna after they adjust. The freezing makes the opponent brittle and break apart.
  • Fire Blaster: A powerful blast of energy shot from the heat sink on the Kaiser's chest.
  • Mazin Power: Increases Mazinkaiser's power output to the max allowing it to lift and toss the Demonika with ease.
  • Scrander Boomerang: Uses the Kaiser Scrander as a boomerang, powerful enough to cut the Flying Fortress Demonika in half.
  • Kaiser Blade: Releases a pair of swords from the shoulders. This attack is dubbed "Shoulder Slicer" in the Super Robot Wars games to differentiate it from the previous OVA's Kaiser Blade.
  • Kaiser Knuckle: Spins the forearms to increase the power of its punches without releasing them.
  • Kaiser Nova (Video Game only): Releases a blast of photonic energy from all sides, capable of wiping out an army.


Mazinkaiser was damaged from a previous fight and was in the process of being repaired at the Photon Power Laboratory. However, when the Mycenae Empire began their attack, Kaiser was moved to the lab's satellite to finish preparations. The Kaiser Pilder was put inside the Boss Borot for when Koji came back. When Koji arrived at the lab's sight in Boss Borot after much trouble, Mazinkaiser was dropped and Koji lined the Pilder up with the robot where they combined in midair before crashing. Out of the smoke, the Kaiser fought against the remaining Warrior Beasts and Mycenae Generals and easily destroyed them. Suddenly, the Great General of Darkness arrived dropping the Demonika on the Kaiser. But the Kaiser managed to throw it away and cut it apart with the Scrander Boomerang. Kaiser and the Great General fought with a stalemate until Kaiser disarmed the General and punched him several times before knocking him into a valley where his true face was impaled by his own sword. With the battle over, Mazinkaiser helped the Photon Lab by bringing back the damaged Great Mazinger with Tetsuya and Jun.

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