The Mechanical Beasts were the large robots of Dr. Hell, serving only him and his lieutenants Baron Ashura and Count Brocken.


Each Mechanical Beast had its own unique appearance, however almost all the Beasts featured in CB Chara Go Nagai World are chibified versions of the Mechanical Beasts from the original manga and anime.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Each Mechanical Beast had its own special powers such as flight, swimming or lasers. Unlike other versions of the Mechanical Beasts, the CB Chara versions were capable of speech and emotion.


The Mechanical Beasts were created by Dr. Hell, he used them many times in attempts to take over the world, however they are always defeated by either the Mazinger Z or Aphrodite A, eventually Dr. Hell runs out of the Mechanical Beasts leaving him with just two, Garada K7 and Belgas V5.

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