Apollo, Poseidon, Hades, Gaia, Uranus, Icarus, Artemis, Phaeton, Adonis, Ares, Harpy, Talos, Ajax, Kerberos, Hydra.

Mechanical Gods and Mechanical Beasts. From the top left: Apollo, Poseidon, Hades, Gaia, Uranus, Icarus, Artemis, Phaëton, Adonis, Ares, Harpy, Talos, Ajax, Cerberus, Hydra

Mechanical Gods are large biomechanical lifeforms existing in an alternate dimension of Earth. They reside in the super dimensional space of Olympus. Their physiology is believed to either be the result of remodeling an original human-like being through advanced scientific process, or natural evolution. They are the inspiration for the Greek Myths in the Z Mazinger reality.


According to Aphrodite, the metal that encompasses their body reacts to a Mechanical Gods will, becoming either hard or soft. They are also said to have a heart, that much like a regular carbon-based lifeform causes them to die if it stops beating. Some Gods like Zeus and Aphrodite feature a cockpit structure on their bodies which feature a mechanical body that contains their consciousness, that consciousness can be transfered to a person the god personally selects to pilot their bodies and only they can do it. It is unknown if other gods have this ability, but it is possible.


Much like the Greek Gods, the Mechanical Gods are a war-like race who seek to expand their empire throughout the dimensions.


The technology of the Mechanical Gods is highly advanced compared to the technology of Earth, building large and powerful living weapons such as the Mechanical Beasts as well as methods that allow them to cross realities.

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