Kanji 人間型戦闘獣·メルクテス
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Great Mazinger episode 41

Merktes is a Superhuman Warrior Beast that served as the monster-of-the-week in episode 41 of the Great Mazinger anime.

Appearance Edit

Merktes is a gray colored humanoid with a muscular frame with green outlines with the same color armbands, blue shoulder pads with a matching eye mask, a yellow helmet with the sides facing upward, a red skirt with a blue outline and yellow button, black boots, a pair of red wings with grey tipped joints. It is armed with a sword with a yellow handle.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Merktes is able to fly for long periods of time with its wings which can also release missiles from the tips. For close combat it is armed with a sword. The hips release shuriken to attack enemies from a distance. The left arm releases a beam that freezes enemies while the right releases a heat beam. It is also resistant to electricity even high voltages from clouds.

History Edit

With Great Mazinger fighting the Demonika, the Great Marshall sends out Merktes to attack him with a sword and then freezes him with a freeze beam. This causes the Great to fall into a lake which Merktes freezes afterward. Then Jun in Venus A comes and she is shot down with Merktes' shuriken. Great comes out of the frozen lake after managing to break free with its companion in danger. Great Mazinger blasts a hole in Merktes and before shooting Merktes with a Thunder Break, cut his arms off with the Mazinger Blade, and destroy him with a Breast Fire.


  • Continuity: When Merktes shoots his shuriken, they hit the Great and leave a crack. However, when Great kicks Merktes, the shuriken and crack dissapear. Finally, some shots later, only the crack appears.

Gallery Edit

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