Multipurpose Fortress Mikelos
Mikey M. Mikelos
Composition Mystic Alloy
Power Source Geothermal Energy
Pilot Unknown
The Multipurpose Fortress Mikelos was the first fortress that appeared in the Great Mazinger series.  Like all its predecessors, it featured several more weapons. Mikelos was eventually destroyed by Great Mazinger in chapter 39 and succeeded by Demonika.Mikelos also appears quite often in the Super Robot Wars series, normally commanded by Archduke Gorgon or (less frequently) the Great General of Darkness.


It had the shape of a flying saucer with four faces on the edges from where the Warrior Beasts were released into battle. The necks of these heads were extensible and could fire projectiles from the sides.


The Mikelos also appeared in the Deathmatch! Mazinkaiser VS the Great Emperor of Darkness OVA. It was used by General Birdler to lead his troops in an attack on an aeroplane carrying Kouji Kabuto and Sayaka Yumi back to Japan. The escorting Million Alpha is no match for the Mikene General, but manages to kill him by ramming him into the Mikelos and self-destructing, sending the mighty fortress down in flames.

Gallery Edit

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