Multipurpose Fortress Mikelos
Mikelos Mazinkaiser
Composition Mystic Alloy
Power Source Geothermal Energy
Pilot General Birdler
Multipurpose Fortress Mikelos is a mobile fortress controlled by General Birdler in order to chase down Koji Kabuto and friends before they could reach Japan.


Mikelos resembles a flying saucer featuring four faces that feature pairs of yellow eyes, flat noes, and large teeth on the sides of its central area. On top is a pedestal for the controller to ride on while the bottom features blades.


General Birdler pursued Koji Kabuto and his companions while they were on a jet using the Mikelos. As Birdler fought against Million α, Lori had the robot self-destruct sending Birdler into the Mikelos causing the fortress to explode.


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