Miki Makimura
Kanji 牧村ミキ
Kana まきむら みき
Gender Female
Age (Adolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation N/A
Family and Relations Parents and younger brother,

Akira Fudo (Love interest)

First Appearance Mazinger Angels chapter 21
Miki Makimura is a character in Mazinger Angels who attends the same school as Sayaka Yumi with her friend Akira Fudo. Originally from the Devilman manga and anime, she serves the same role as the damsel in distress for Akira to rescue in the mini-arc she appeared in.

Production HistoryEdit

Miki Makimura originally appeared in both the anime and manga Devilman. In both cases, she is a major supporting character who is a childhood friend and love interest of Akira Fudo who her family brought in after his family died. While she does care about Akira, she wishes Akira would show a little backbone. After Akira becomes Devilman she becomes glad that he shows a more independent and good side, unaware of his secret. She finds out Akira's secret in the anime and still accepts him. In the manga, she is killed along with her brother and her friend Masa by rioters thinking she was a demon without ever knowing Akira's secret identity.


Miki has shoulder-lengthed brown hair in a hair band, with brown hair and an average height and build for a girl her age.


Miki is a serious individual who does not take someone stepping out of place off very easily, whether it be a bully like Naojiro or her friend Akira when he gets violent. While objecting to Akira always using violence to end conflict, she still cares about him and came to apologize the night after she slapped him in the daytime.


Miki helped Sayaka out in the middle of gym class when Naojiro arrived, after Sayaka told him to back off and Miki stepped in, Naojiro started to invasively flirt with Miki until Akira hit Naojiro with a flying kick. Miki slapped Akira for his behavior before walking off. After class was over and back at her house, Miki came to apologize to Akira in his room. After a brief conversation, Miki leaves while telling Akira to be a little less violent. Later when Akira is out fighting the Demon Tribe she is kidnapped by a demon and becomes one of the hostages on a Mechanical Beast that teamed up with the Demon Tribe. Miki is then rescued by Akira as Devilman with help from the Mazinger Angels. She would appear again with Akira again in the summer festival and at the end of the manga watching Sayaka go off.

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