Million α
Composition Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Lori & Loru
Million α (Alpha) is the feminine looking robot of the Mazinger Army. Unlike the other robots of the Mazinger army, the cockpit is in it's torso and requires two pilots. It is piloted by both Lori and Loru.


It has no legs and instead having a huge thruster under it's torso for flight. Instead of hands it has two lances on its arms which it can use in battle. In the coloring pages of the manga the Million a is color yellow unlike later designs which are grey or white.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike Baion β and Daion γ, Million Alpha lacks any of the weapons featured on the Mazinger Z. Instead it uses an electromagnetic cannon that appears from the side of its face (which in some way can be seen as a stronger Koshiryoku Beam). It is able to fly through the thrusters on its lower body. The lances on its arms can also be used in close quarter combat.


Million Alpha was created alongside the rest of the Mazinger Army for a final assault on Dr. Hell. During the flight to Hell Castle, Mechanical Beasts intercepted the Mazinger Army and Venus A. The Million Alpha managed to destroy some the Mechanical Beasts through its electromagnetic cannon until a Mechanical Beast managed to grab hold of Million Alpha glass cockpits crushing both Loru and Lori before destroying Alpha itself.


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