Million α
Composition Alloy Z Derivative
Power Source Photon Energy
Pilot Lori & Loru
Million α is part of the Mazinger Army appearing in the movie Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness. It is piloted by both Lori & Loru.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

The Million α bears its appearance from the original manga, possessing a torso that lacks legs, a pair of cockpits on the chest in the shape of breasts, a hooded head with a human-like face in the opening, a booster for a lower body, and is equipped with two lances for arms to strike at enemies in close distance. For long range the face opens up to reveal a radar that shoots beams of electromagnetic energy at foes. For emergency uses, Million is equipped with a self destruct mechanism.


Million alpha thumb-2-
The Million α was used by Lori & Loru to protect Koji, Sayaka, and Prof. Morimori's plane during the Mycenae Empire's attack on the surface. When several flying Warrior Beasts were ready to attack, the Million managed to destroy them only to be ambushed by General Birdler. With the Million in the general's clutches and Loru being killed, Lori activates the Million's self destruct function to take out Birdler and the Mikelos.

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