Million α
Million Alpha
Composition Unknown (Titanium?)
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Lori & Loru
Million α (Alpha) is a robot that appears in Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen. She is part of the Mazinger Army to stop threats from Dr. Hell forces.


She has an appearance very similar to her original manga counterpart with few color alternatives.The head is painted grey along with under the breasts. The rest is painted a light grey with the shoulders painted brown. It has no bottom part relying entirely on powerful thrusters to move. She has twin lances on both of her arms. The controls & cockpit are in the mechs' breasts.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Million Alpha can open her face to reveal a radar the can shoot concentrated Photonic Beams. The Arm Lances can be used to repair damage machines or plunge enemies.


In the first sortie Million Alpha went on to fix the Aphrodite A while the other, Baion & Daion, wen tot battle with Doublas M2. It later tried to hold Mazinger Z back from killing Baron Ashura when they escape the pilots did not have a good relationship after. When the Mazinger Z was in trouble the Mazinger Army brought it the Scrander allowing it to escape the blast from the Salude.

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