Million α 1
Million α 1 in the middle.
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Lori & Loru
Million α 1 in the Mazinkaiser manga, it is part of the Mazinger Army. It is piloted by both Loru & Lori.


The Million α 1 has a feminine shape compared to the other members of the Mazinger Army with breasts where the Lori & Loru control it and a humanoid girl-like face. Compare to the Million α this version has a bottom part that store rockets for propulsion. Instead of hands it has lances for forearms to pierce enemy shells.


Million α 1 with the Mazinger Army rush to help Koji fight with the Mass-Produced Gool Strike Force. When the Daion y 3 was too injured to keep on fighting Million a & Baion B tried to retreat it back to safety. But the Gool Army sprung to attack the trio heavily damaging them. Then Koji receive his new upgrade, the Kaiser Scrander. With it in slice & dice through the Gool forces  including Ashura's. But Ashura's Gool surprise attack Koji's Mazinkaiser pretending to fall only to capture it in its jaws. It landed on the Photon Lab wiping the building out. In the ashes the Mechanical Beast Gool rises up to tries to finish off the rest of the Mazinger Army. Even with Combined forces Gool swipes the Army away. Then Koji awakens & with the help of Sayaka finish the Gool off. The Million α 1 with the rest of the Mazinger force then proceeds on the final assault on Dr. Hell's Island wiping the rest of the Mechanical Beasts out.

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