Cm 09 commander mineo
Kanji N/A
Kana ミネオ
Gender Female
Age (Adult)
Robot Jilljill
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Hiroko Kagawa
First Appearance Across Unforgiven Anger
Commander Mineo is an unwilling member of the Vegan Empire sent by King Vega to kill Duke Fleed in episode 9 in exchange for the safety of her home world Planet Ruby.


Mineo has a distinct dislike of Gandal for forcing her to enter a suicide mission while holding her homeworld hostage. When in battle with the Grendizer, she gained respect for Duke Fleed sticking up for her and allowing her to stay with them when she was injured.


Mineo is a decent pilot, able to pilot Jilljill with little difficulty and fight against the Grendizer for a short while.


With Mineo's homeworld held hostage, she fights against Duke Fleed and his allies. Gandal tries to get her to self-destruct her Saucer Beast, but Grendizer knocks her out before it could be done. She is held prisoner at the Makiba Ranch, but is given hospitality, something she never got with the Vega Empire. Mineo thanks Duke and asks for his help in stopping any attack on Planet Ruby by attacking Gandal's ship. She pilots Jilljill again to fight. However, Blaki takes control of her Saucer Beast causing it to crash into the sea. After the fight, Duke goes to recover Mineo where she thanks Duke for his help before dying in his arms.

Gallery Edit

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