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Minerva X
X (3)
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Advanced AI
Dimensions Height: 18 meters

Weight: 18 tons Chest Circumference: 10 meters

Performance Walking Speed: 50 km/h

Running Speed: 360 km/h Swimming Speed: 20 knots Length of Step: 6.8 meters Maximum Jump Distance: 20 meters

Notable moves Koshiryoku Beam, Breast Fire, Rocket Punch, Rust Hurricane
Minerva X is a giant robot originally planned to be a partner for the Mazinger Z, designed by Juzo Kabuto but never came into production. Dr. Hell stole Minerva's plans and recreated it with his own materials, none of which were as strong or powerful as the original plans for it. Also instead of a pilot, Minerva X has an artificial intelligence system that allows it to operate independently.


Minerva X greatly resembles a female Mazinger Z having a similar design and coloring frame. It's face is colored purple, with a bird-like decoration on its head. Its abdomen also has a yellow colored jewel attached to it.

Weapons and AttacksEdit

As Minerva X was designed to fight with and was based on the Mazinger, she has a similar structure as it does and has some of the same attacks. Had Minerva been outfitted with the necessary parts instead of what the Mechanical Beasts are composed of, she would have been much more powerful than she already was.

  • Koshiryoku Beam: A beam attack from the eyes, instead of Photonic Energy this attack is used with the weaker Atomic Energy.
  • Breast Fire: An attack from the heat sinks on the chest, for obvious reasons it is not as strong as the Mazinger's. It also appears to be unable to stand the generated heat needing to emit coolant, especially when the Mazinger got closer to it when their Breast Fire attacks collided.
  • Rocket Punch: Launching the fist to attack.
  • Rust Hurricane: A gust of wind with corrosive elements, Minerva only used this once in a test.


Minerva X was originally designed by Professor Kabuto as backup for the Mazinger. However, before plans for Minerva could start, he was killed. Dr. Hell had his minions infiltrate the Photon Power Laboratory and steal the plans for Minerva X. Lacking Super Alloy Z and Photonic Energy, Dr. Hell was forced to use the same materials used to create the Mechanical Beasts. With Minerva ready, Dr. Hell deployed her to fight the Mazinger.

However, as part of the original programming from Prof. Kabuto, Minerva's AI made it loyal only to the Mazinger and defects from Dr. Hell. Her AI also caused it to fall in love with the Mazinger, making her quite jealous of Aphrodite A; both of which terrified Sayaka Yumi. Enraged that the Minerva did not obey him, Dr. Hell sent the Archerian J5 to eliminate her. In the battle, Minerva was damaged and her consciousness was shut off making her go on a rampage. The Mazinger team quickly tried to get Minerva under control, but when it was targeting a nuclear plant, Sayaka was forced to use Aphrodite's Oppai Missile System mortally damaging Minerva. Koji Kabuto has the Mazinger install, Gennosuke Yumi's control system that restored Minerva's consciousness until she gave her last words to the Mazinger and 'dies'. Koji and Sayaka give Minerva a burial at sea to put her in peace.


Minerva is the Roman goddess of craft, wisdom, and warfare.


  • When the Mazinger and Minerva X's Breast Fire attacks collided, Minerva exhibited coolant from its eyes akin to crying. 
  • Minerva X has a counterpart in the Getter Robo anime, Getter Queen. Both are female versions of the main mechas that are used by villains of their respective series that have appeared only in one episode their anime adaptations.
  • The Warrior Beast Cleo is also very similar.


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