Minerva X
Kanji ミネルバX
Kana ミネルバエックス
Gender Female
Age Designed to be Adolescence
Robot Herself
Affiliation Underground Empire (Formerly),

Photon Power Laboratory

Family and Relations Juzo Kabuto (Creator),

Mazinger Z (Love Interest)

First Appearance Unknown
Minerva X is one of the major supporting protagonists of Shin Mazinger ZERO. Originally a giant robot designed by Juzo Kabuto, she was remade into an android body by Dr. Hell after stealing the plans and a Photon Engine. With her mind traveling through many worlds, Minerva seeks to save Mazinger Z from going into its Mazinger ZERO form and destroying existence.



A close-up view of Minerva X.

Minerva has the appearance of an attractive and buxom young woman with platinum blonde hair styled after her original form's crown, a crest on her forehead that slightly resembles a bird, and grey eyes. Her outfit is a skintight bodysuit with armor that resembles her original counterpart with the hexagon on her abdomen having her personal insignia. Underneathe this armor is human-like skin that apparently feels like the real thing.


Minerva is often friendly and supportive of her friends and comrades, partly because of her programming that keeps her loyal to the Photon Power Laboratory and Juzo's grandchildren. Much like her original counterpart, Minerva is infatuated with Mazinger Z and strives to prevent it from being turned into a Majin with help from Koji. She has grown very close to Koji partly because he is a necessary component to Mazinger; as a result and they look out for each other, sharing their concern for Mazinger Z.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As Minerva is an android, she has a higher physical constitution than a regular human and was designed to think and feel on the same level as a human. She possesses some of the same abilities as her original counterpart such as the Rust Hurricane. She is also capable of unique abilities like the Photon Scrander.

  • Rust Hurricane: Breathes out a blast of air that causes whatever it touches to decompose. Minerva often used this on the Koji's of different realities to send their souls back in time to send information to them.
  • Photon Scrander: Sprouts wings made of Photonic Energy that allow Minerva to fly
  • Koshiryoku Barrier: Emits a barrier that protects Minerva and whomever is behind her from attacks whether physical or energy based.
  • Koshiryoku Beam: Shoots a powerful beam of photons from the eyes.
  • Photon Connect: Through Photonic Energy, Minerva is able to communicate with technology such as the Photon Power Laboratory and even a satellite to acquire and transmit data. This is what allows Minerva to send memories through the different realities into her counterparts.


Minerva was originally a giant robot that was created to be the partner of the complete Mazinger Z after the earlier prototypes Iron and Energer Z showed no progress. However, Minerva's artificial intelligence proved to be a problem for a giant robot and was later given an android body. In some worlds, she saw Dr. Kabuto actually collaborate with Dr. Hell before witnessing Mazinger Z rampage in its Majin form. Linking together with Dr. Kabuto's grandson Koji, Minerva decided to give him the means to send his soul into the past to prevent Z's transformation. However, many attempts turned up fruitless and Minerva would often experience many similarities between realities such as being seen as an enemy as her body was created by Dr. Hell. Minerva turned up in one world after being activated by Dr. Hell as a part of his empire.

Minerva was sent to Koji's school as a transfer student with most of the student enamored by her including Koji and Boss. Minerva wanted to speak with Koji until the Gamia Q came and requested Koji. When the Gamia attacked and Shiro Kabuto appeared after not doing that before in the other realities, Minerva revealed her true form and boarded inside the Hover Pilder with Koji in an embracing fashion which caused a misunderstanding with Sayaka. When Mazinger Z combated the Mechanical Beasts controlled by Baron Ashura, the cyborg tried to control Minerva but Minerva's loyalty programming prevented that. After the battle was over, Minerva pronounced her love for Mazinger which weirded out some of the others.

Back at the Photon Laboratory, the scientists wanted to examine Minerva more closely because of her very human-like intelligence and personality. Sayaka however was opposed to the idea and took her to the lab's hot springs. Minerva relaxed while thinking about how everyone thought of Mazinger Z as a hero in spite of the constant threat going on. Sayaka told her it was alright as everyone needs a little hope. Minerva under her breath mentions how she loves this reality while retracting it when Sayaka hears it and watches her beat up the boys when they fell over the boundary wall. The next day at school, Koji and Sayaka introduce Minerva as her true identity and by explaining how she became a force for good instead of evil, she was welcomed in open arms by the student shocking her as in the realities where she was made by Dr. Hell had her viewed with animosity. With renewed hope, she gleefully accepted the praise.

Overtime, Minerva became closer to Koji and his friends going to their school as a rather regular student and participating in special events. However, she also became worried about losing it all should Mazinger go on a rampage. When Koji was invited as a special guest for a concert and got ready with Mazinger Z, Minerva spoke with Sayaka about her feelings for Koji. Sayaka tried to get herself out of the topic but Minerva could tell she really liked him, almost as much as she loved Mazinger. At the concert Minerva joined Sayaka, Shiro, Boss and co. as Koji appeared flying in Mazinger Z. She grew more and more concerned as talk of Mazinger Z started to bring up memories of Z in its Majin State. But she was more surprised by the events of the Mazin War which put Japan in its current state and even lead to Koji's death and rebirth as a cyborg.

Gallery Edit

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