Composition Vegatron
Power Source Vegatron radiation
Pilot Vegan Soldiers
Dimensions About 10 mts circumference
Performance Mach 5
Notable moves Vegatron rays
MiniFOs are small mass produced flying saucers piloted by Vegan Soldiers. Groups are often called MiniFO Legions.

Appearance Edit

MiniFOs are small light blue flying saucers with an upward fin near its backside, two small fins at the sides, and holes along the front edge.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

MiniFOs are able to float for indefinite periods of time. They fire Vegatron rays along the front edge, they also have a rarely used tractor beam from the underside. They are very weak shown when they can be destroyed by a regular machine gun. Because of this, they fight in groups, even though they are still easily destroyed.

Blaki's ship Edit

Blaki used a specialized MiniFo for a single use. Compared to the others it had a different coloration and had an extra feature of tank treads allowing it to move on most ground surfaces.


Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Unknown
MidiFOs are stronger versions of the MiniFOs that work together. Compared to the MiniFOs, the primarily colored purple MidiFOs feature fins going symmetrically down their bodies with yellow stripes and a light green bottom. They are armed with laser cannons on their top sides that are capable of causing damage to a Spazer. Even so, they are easily destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • The MidiFO's seem to be based on the manta rays from the 1953 film The War Of The Worlds.

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