Minister Argos
Kanji 諜報軍アルゴス長官
Kana N/A
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Great General of Darkness (Superior),

Mycenae Empire Generals and Agents (Subordinates), Cleo ('Daughter')

Voice Actor Hiroshi Ōtake
First Appearance Unknown
Minister Argos is the chief of intelligence of the Mycenae Empire, serving as the advisor to the generals and lower members.


Like many members of the Empire, Argos is 25 meters tall and dressed in armor. Unlike other members of the army though, his real head is located on the pommel of his large cane. His body's chest has a large computer screen that holds a vast amount of data which Argos uses to advise the other members of the Empire.


Argos does his part in assuring the Empire completes its goals of regaining the surface. In episode 9 it is shown he considered the Warrior Beast Cleo his daughter and was greatly upset that she was destroyed. He is also one of the only members that is not intimidated by the Great General of Darkness, in fact arguing with him over strategic approaches to defeating the Great Mazinger. They are at times able to make a compromise however. He did not get along at all with Great Marshall of Hell by the time he was recruited.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

While Argos rarely commands Warrior Beasts he uses his vast intelligence to offer strategic advice as well as information about enemies. He is also able to make his beard into a sword-like weapon which is enough to even equal the Great General's in strength. Argos is also able to hold his own in battle against the Great General and the Great Mazinger.


Argos first appeared when Archduke Gorgon reported to him about the Great Mazinger. Argos often gave advice to the generals in approaches to defeat the Great when they were out of options, but even these were not enough to stop the robot. At times he even argued with the Great General over what was the correct approach to defeat the Great. When the Great General was defeated and replaced by Great Marshall of Hell, Argos was even more uncomfortable with him than the general. In the final battles against the Mazingers, Argos's body suffered damage with the Great using its Drill Pressure Punch to blast through his torso and break off the left arm leaving only the cane and face until giving Marquis Janus one last bit of advice before shutting down, his head was held by Janus for the last two episodes.


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